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Quality of Work Life (QWL)

The science behind job satisfaction.


The VibeCatch QWL survey consists of fifteen strategically-selected questions, designed to uncover the areas in which a business and its people need to improve.


With scientific accuracy, our method exposes the subtle weaknesses that other surveys cannot detect, and then delivers easy-to-follow reports.


The results are broken down for leaders to easily understand, strengthening every human resource decision and helping a business make more money.
VibeCatch is an employee wellness tool that leverages the QWL (Quality of Work Life) method, which is the satisfaction poll based on a scientifically proven method by professor Marko Kesti.

Why trust QWL?

HRM Performance Scorecard

The strategically-selected questions of the survey are designed to highlight the strengths and areas of improvement that other methods fail to detect.

Developed by Leading Academics

Ours is an approach born from the minds of leading academics with access to state-of-the-art technology. VibeCatch is the job satisfaction tool for today!

Scientifically Proven Method

Any workforce is comprised of people, and people can be unpredictable. But by using QWL and continuous listening, VibeCatch makes people management a science.
The traditional methods of gauging the performance and satisfaction of a workforce no longer work. QWL uses science and continuous listening to get the most relevant information at the critical times.

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Engage with your employees, improve the culture, and make more money.
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